Stash Bash Recap

A couple of weeks ago I participated in the Stash Bash 2015 over at Simple Scrapper. This is the third year I have done this event, and I have learned something new about myself and my scrapbooking each year.

Stash Bash is a yearly event with loads of fun, a great community, unique challenges, and of course, lots of scrapbooking—all designed to help you organize your space and put a dent in your stash.

The first year I did Stash Bash, I had come to the realization that I worked best when I limited myself to working with a few supplies at a time. I had always loved kits, but never trusted myself to put them together on my own. But at that time I felt I was ready to go out on my own. I went through all of my supplies and put everything into kits. I also gave away some older supplies that I knew I would not use.

That change has been revolutionary in my scrapbooking. I can now reach for a ready-made, coordinated kit each time I sit down to create a layout. I also challenged myself to use up as much of the kit as possible so that my stash never becomes out-of-control.

The second year I did Stash Bash, I concentrated on organizing my supplies. I had recently moved into a new space and I wanted my stash usable as well as pretty. I found cute baskets in which to store my kits, put my pens and other tools in more attractive containers, and moved in some rollling storage carts to store larger tools, inks, and dies.

This year I concentrated on completing as many of the challenges as I could. These challenges took me quite out of my scrappy comfort zone, which was invigorating and frightening at the same time. I have become very used to scrapping in a certain way, so I appreciated the chance to stretch my creative muscles.

The first layout I completed was for a layout-in-30-minutes-or-less challenge using supplies on my desk. I had the remnants from a Citrus Twist kit out so I made this layout about my son.

makes me smile

This challenge was fairly easy because I usually scrap this way.

The second layout I made was for a challenge to use supplies from the furthest reaches of my stash. I went in the corner of my scrap room and grabbed a kit from the lowest drawer. The kit contained very old paper—a Basic Grey collection that was one-sided!

happy valentine's day

So creating this page was a stretch for me. I usually do not work with papers and embellishments solely from one kit. But I still liked the color scheme and found a photo that I had wanted to scrap for a while. The colors of this collection seemed perfect for the picture.

The page that stretched me the most, however, was from a roll-the-die challenge. I rolled a die six times and had to choose a certain element to include on my page. My rolls gave me these parameters to use: a comparison in the journaling, tone-on-tone/neutral color scheme, asymmetrical clusters, a full page photo, a repeated word or phrase, and tucked-behind embellishments. I had to use all my brain cells to put all of these things on one page! Eventually, I ended with this page.

psalm 23

The layout seems simple, but I had to be very creative to make all of these elements work together.

I started with a full page 8.5×11 photo then added the journaling. The journaling is a comparison since Psalm 23 is a metaphor, and it has lots of repeated words and phrases, although I didn’t write the entire passage. I just put one cluster, but it is asymmetrical in that is in the corner. I used gray patterned paper, washi, and embellishment for the tone-on-tone/neutral color scheme. Finally I tucked the washi and heart embellishments behind the journaling. Whew!

Another successful Stash Bash! If you missed this year’s event, make sure to get on the mailing list at Simple Scrapper so that you can join in the fun next year. And while you are there, look for information about the next upcoming class, Before Your Story. More information coming soon!

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