Stylish Organization

During February and March, the Master Forgers over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog are showcasing stylish organization tips. The blog posts are coming an opportune time for me–I am currently redecorating my scrap room.

One of the ways I am making my space more attractive is to use baskets. I first gathered up all my stamps and sorted them into two baskets–one holds mounted stamps and the other contains acrylic stamps.


Next, I found a large basket that holds my scrap paper. I do not keep much scrap paper around, but I do tend to hold on to larger pieces that have patterns that I really like.


Then I put my cardstock in another large basket. Beside that I placed a smaller white basket that contains planner supplies.


Finally, I sorted through all of my letter stickers and placed them in baskets where I can easily flip through them.


I like the rustic look these baskets give my space. I hope you are inspired to use some baskets in your scrappy organization.

If you would like more stylish organization tips, check this post and this post, and keep an eye out for more posts later on in March.

Now go create!

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