Project Life in 2013

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This past year marks the second year I have completed a Project Life album. It seems like just yesterday that I was placing the first photos in my album!

pl_1I chose the Amber Edition of Project Life this year.

pl_2As I have been doing Project Life, I have been more careful to save ephemera to include in my album. I hope my kids will get a kick out of seeing receipts and tags from when they were young!

pl_3I take a lot of photos during the week, but there are some days on which I don’t pick up my camera at all. So I don’t have a photo from every day of the week. Some days–like when we go to the pool with friends–get more than one photo.

pl_4During this week, my family and I went to a family reunion. It was the first time I had seen many of my relatives in a very long time. I used photos from that day only on this spread.

pl_5In August I discovered Studio Calico’s Project Life monthly kit. I was instantly hooked! I loved getting fun embellishments to use in my album.

pl_6I don’t really plan my spreads beforehand. I print out the photos that I like, place them in the pockets, then fill in when necessary. I always (well, almost always) leave at least one pocket for journaling. There have been a few weeks that I had too many photos and I ran out of space! In those cases I have added extra pocket pages or placed my journaling on the outside of the pockets.

pl_7This spread is one of my favorites. I had several photos from Thanksgiving Day. I converted them all to black & white and used just a touch of color on the spread.

pl_8The End! I enjoy doing a Project Life album along with my traditional scrapbook layouts. This year, my goals are to plan my pages a little more and have more fun with embellishments. Now I just have to wait for the UPS man to bring my new album for the year!

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

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Ahhh, it’s that time again—another year coming to a close and a brand new year on the horizon. It’s a chance to look back at all of the events from the past and plan for the future. And what better way to document the past and future but through lists! I must admit that I love lists. So this month’s Story Starters at Simple Scrapper appealed to me very much. I used two of the Story Starters to wrap up 2013 and look forward to 2014.


This past year was a time of many firsts for me and my family. I chose a few of the photos that best represented these important events and used them with a full list of what we did in 2013. A list format was the perfect way to document my story on this layout. I was able to include a great deal of information in just a little space on my page. I adapted one of January’s Sketch Templates to include five photos (instead of the original three)—one for each member of my family.


As a lover of lists, I enjoy writing down my resolutions and goals for the coming year. There is something about actually seeing this information on a piece of paper that makes me feel a little more accountable for putting my resolutions into practice. Creating a page that lists my goals for next year allows me even more to ponder what I want to get done and how to do it. The January pie-chart Sketch Template seemed to reflect the theme of my page—discrete goals that I want to incorporate into my life a as a whole.

These two pages were so refreshing to make. I was able to look back on the memorable events from 2013 as well as look ahead to exciting new adventures coming in 2014. Using the Story Starters and Sketch Templates from Simple Scrapper’s Premium Membership allowed me to pull these layouts together easily.

And speaking of looking ahead, Start Fresh at Simple Scrapper starts on January 8, 2014. This class is a five-day scrapbooking cleanse created to ease you into a new year of memory keeping. Go to the Start Fresh page at Simple Scrapper for more information. Happy New Year!

At Home with Simple Scrapper

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Every month at Simple Scrapper, premium members are treated with five new sketch templates and ten new story starters. This month the story starters explore the theme “At Home.” As a confirmed homebody myself (see layout below), I truly enjoyed reflecting on these inspirational topics. 

Over the 20+ years my husband and I have been married, we have lived in a number of places. I used one of this month’s new sketch templates to document all of these places.

the places


My family and I moved into a new house with lots of land about four years ago so that we could have a place for our growing number of horses. The farm itself is beautiful, but there are several things about the house that still bother me. We have slowly worked on these changing these things, one of them being putting in new countertops in the kitchen. Using another of this month’s sketch templates, I journaled about this change in “To My House.”



In “Homebody,” I wrote about the fact that I love to be at home, using a past sketch template.



To see more of these great sketch templates and story starters, check out Simple Scrapper’s Premium Membership!

Capture Your 365 (January 22-31)

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Wow! How time flies. I’m getting very behind in posting my CY365 photos. Here are the rest of January’s pictures.

January 22 – Frozen



This prompt was easy in that we had a nice little snowstorm in January. This photo was just one of many I took after the snowfall.

January 23 – Snuggle


This prompt was not so easy for me. I just couldn’t seem to get a good snuggle shot–probably because we spent so much of January inside in low light due to the crummy weather. I did get this photo of my son’s dog, Marigold, on her favorite spot to snuggle.

January 24 – Cold


Another photo taken after the snowstorm.

January 25 – Hands


My son with his new Legos in his hands.

January 26 – Passion


Both of my sons love Legos. They often request a trip to the Lego store for their birthdays.

January 27 – Dislike


As my husband will readily tell you, I am not a fan of winter. This photo illustrates just a couple of the reasons that I don’t like this season–having to wear heavy winter clothes (including boots) and trudging through mud that threatens to pull said boots right off of your feet.

January 28 – Sunset


I snapped this shot as the winter sun was just beginning to set and was casting shadows from the trees across the street.

January 29 – A Circle

a circle

Perfect shot for this prompt!

January 30 – A Faceless Portrait

a faceless portrait

I like taking photos from behind, especially of my family, mostly because they don’t know that I am taking their picture and they don’t make funny faces. I love this shot of my husband and younger son.

January 31 – On the Thirds

on the thirds

These tires are on the playground of the church where my children go to co-op on Tuesdays. They have been a source of endless photo inspiration for me due to their shape, size, and the ways the light plays off of them at different times of the day. In this shot, I filled the left third of the frame with the tires and kept the right two-thirds mostly empty.

Whew! January’s done!