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It is almost that time of year when we start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. I always try to have a few broad goals for the upcoming year. I have found that scrapbooking these goals is a great way to set intentions for the new year.

At the end of 2016, I found that I had a few scrappy goals that I wanted to work on during the next year. Instead of just writing these intentions down, I made them into a scrapbook page. This is my layout for 2017.

When asked to write about scrapbooking intentions for Get It Scrapped, I decided to document my goals for scrapbooking in 2018. This page captures my intentions.

I am finding that I really enjoy setting my intentions in a concrete form through a scrapbook page. I am thinking that I might make a page for other goals I have for 2018!

If you would like to see how other design team members documented their intentions, head on over to the Get It Scrapped blog.

Now go create!


Goals and A Door

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Already this month, due to cold weather and snow forcing me inside, I have already made two layouts from my Coming Home kit at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog.

The first layout documents my scrappy goals for 2017. (See the original blog post here.) I thought it would be a great idea to have an official record of my goals in my scrapbook album. I may even add the page to my Project Life album for 2017 so I can look back on it at the end of the year!

Along with my January kit, I used a sketch from the Ready, Sketch, Go class.

The second layout takes inspiration from this month’s first challenge at CKC: Use a door on your layout.

I recently cleaned out my entire pantry from top to bottom. After I was done with this Herculean task, I took a photograph of the door, peeking in at the newly-reorganized space. So for this first challenge, I used that picture on my page.

I purposely created “shelves” with my patterned paper to mimic the inside of my pantry. I also cut a tab from patterned paper and adhered it to the side of my photograph with enamel dots to look like a door hinge.

Check back later on in the month and I will post more layouts made with my January CKC kit, Coming Home.

Now go create!

Scrappy Goals for 2017

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*This post was first published at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog.

This year has been an especially prolific one for me as a scrapbooker. I created more layouts this year than ever before, and I loved every minute of it. When I was not scrapbooking, I was usually planning my next page in my head. I watched scrapbooking videos on YouTube, listened to scrappy podcasts, and even took a few new classes–all of which kept me inspired to create.

So as this successful year comes to an end, I am thinking about what my scrappy goals are for 2017. Even though I created many pages this year, I feel as if I got into a little rut–I mostly scrapbooked 12×12 single pages. Usually I mix up my creative time by making mini-albums, pocket pages, and even a few home decor projects.

I really miss making different kinds of projects during the year so I am going to challenge myself to do three things next year to expand my creativity:

  1. Take more photographs. While looking back at some older photos recently, I realized that I used to take a lot more pictures than I do now. I believe that I have been too concerned with getting the perfect shot than recording memories. I want to have more than one photograph to tell a story.
  2. Create more double-page layouts. Since I will hopefully be taking more pictures next year, I will have more than one photograph to scrap at a time. I plan to take advantage of this fact and make more double-page layouts. I may combine two sketches to give me a framework for a 2-pager, or I may combine a 12×12 page with a pocket page to make a spread.
  3. Make more mini-albums. I used to make mini-albums for special events–birthdays, trips, holidays, and more. I even have the photos and supplies for a mini-album I want to make that documents all of the costumes my kids had for Halloween over the years. And I know that if I look through my photographs, I have other stories that would be perfect for mini-albums.

So as much as I would love the holiday season to go on indefinitely, I am also excited to move ahead in a few new scrappy directions next year.

Now go create!


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At the beginning of the year, I had great plans for my One Little Word, FRESH. I had planned to eat healthier foods, declutter my house, exercise regularly again, and be outdoors more. I documented all of these ideas in my first assignment for One Little Word.



However, due to cold wintry weather and a few health issues, my plans went right out the window. Many days I did not feel like cooking, much less planning healthy homemade meals. We started a home improvement project which is causing more clutter than less. I did not have the desire to exercise and I was stuck in the house while during the snow, rain, and extremely cold temperatures.



When February arrived, I was not looking forward to doing the One Little Word assignment. I knew that my word had not been very visible in my life during January and I felt disappointed. However, I knew that if I did not at least attempt the next assignment, I would feel even less connected to my word. So I went online to found out what this month had in store.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a reflection exercise that allowed me to create cute cards for my album as a place to document the journey with my word last month. I crafted the cards and wrote down my feelings of disappointment about my word in January.


The next part of February’s assignment was to create intention cards—specific goals I want to meet and actions I want take in the next eleven months.


As I wrote the January reflection card and the intention cards, I realized that I still have plenty of time to work with my word this year. Also, there were many unplanned events in January that will actually allow me to reach my goals later this year. Even though I did not necessarily eat as FRESH as I wanted, I did have time to read new cookbooks and get ideas on better meals. The house may be a mess right now, but after our project is over, our home will be more FRESH and the decluttering will follow. And because I was indoors much of the past month, I completed several scrapbooking projects and researched FRESH ideas for future pages. As February comes to a close, I am looking forward to next month’s assignment!

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

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Ahhh, it’s that time again—another year coming to a close and a brand new year on the horizon. It’s a chance to look back at all of the events from the past and plan for the future. And what better way to document the past and future but through lists! I must admit that I love lists. So this month’s Story Starters at Simple Scrapper appealed to me very much. I used two of the Story Starters to wrap up 2013 and look forward to 2014.


This past year was a time of many firsts for me and my family. I chose a few of the photos that best represented these important events and used them with a full list of what we did in 2013. A list format was the perfect way to document my story on this layout. I was able to include a great deal of information in just a little space on my page. I adapted one of January’s Sketch Templates to include five photos (instead of the original three)—one for each member of my family.


As a lover of lists, I enjoy writing down my resolutions and goals for the coming year. There is something about actually seeing this information on a piece of paper that makes me feel a little more accountable for putting my resolutions into practice. Creating a page that lists my goals for next year allows me even more to ponder what I want to get done and how to do it. The January pie-chart Sketch Template seemed to reflect the theme of my page—discrete goals that I want to incorporate into my life a as a whole.

These two pages were so refreshing to make. I was able to look back on the memorable events from 2013 as well as look ahead to exciting new adventures coming in 2014. Using the Story Starters and Sketch Templates from Simple Scrapper’s Premium Membership allowed me to pull these layouts together easily.

And speaking of looking ahead, Start Fresh at Simple Scrapper starts on January 8, 2014. This class is a five-day scrapbooking cleanse created to ease you into a new year of memory keeping. Go to the Start Fresh page at Simple Scrapper for more information. Happy New Year!