Remembering the Little Things | November at Simple Scrapper

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What are those little things that you are enjoying right now? Those things that you think you will always remember but quickly fade from memory as life marches on? I know that I always think I will remember the things that are important to me at some point in time, but my memory often fails me. So I have begun documenting more of my everyday life in hopes of leaving a record of the things that have been important to me.

To document my current favorites, I used a sketch from the Simple Scrapper membership. This sketch allows for five photographs—plenty of room to showcase pictures of the little things in life. Right now I am enjoying riding my horse, times when my children are all together again (my oldest is off at college), doing barn chores on sunny mornings, watching my cat sleep in my IKEA cart, and soaking up the beauty of nature.

There are also specific days of which I want to remember every single detail. This month’s story starters are all about writing letters, so I wrote a letter to myself about a recent wonderful day I shared with my family. I turned this page into a two-page spread in order to give enough room to the journaling and include several photographs.


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