MAGIC – My One Little Word for 2018

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For the past several years, I have participated in Ali Edward’s class, One Little Word. I have chosen a word for the year and completed several exercises throughout the months to connect to my word. I feel that by choosing a word for the year, I am able to keep focus on what matters most to me at that time. This year my word is MAGIC.

The One Little Word concept fits well into my view on resolutions. I do not make specific resolutions any more. I felt that making a list of to-dos for the coming years was just setting myself up for failure. It was too easy to let that list slip to the side as other obligations arose.

Instead, I choose areas of focus for each year—broad themes that govern how I will spend my time and make decisions in the future. Over the past years these areas of focus have been mainly concerned with my family and home as I had growing children who I was homeschooling. Scrapbooking had always been on the list too because it is the main way I express my creativity.

In 2017, however, I found that my role as mother and homeschool teacher is becoming less and less the center of my life. My oldest is in college now, and my younger two children work on their own much more. I am realizing that I have a new degree of freedom to explore different areas of focus.

So this year, I have two broad areas of focus: creativity and open-mindedness.

Creativity includes exploring new ways of memory keeping, more blogging and other forms of writing, completing personal photography projects, and growing our farm into a more self-sustainable homestead.

Open-mindedness includes continuing a daily meditation practice, exploring different spiritual practices and traditions, further developing my relationship with my horse, and working on becoming stronger and healthier.

So how did I come up the word MAGIC for this year? Well, I looked at all the things I want to do in the coming months and realized that creativity and open-mindedness both instill a sense of wonder in me—creating a sense of MAGIC.

What is your word for this year?

Now go create!