The Planner Craze

As I listened to a podcast on planners the other day by The Scrap Gals, several questions popped into my head:

(1) How can people use more than one or two planners?

(2) What prompted this particular planner craze?

(3) Why, in this digital world, are people going back to analog planners?

(4) Is this planner thing the new scrapbooking?

(5) Why do I love planners so much?

Then I began thinking about answers to these questions. (By the way, the podcast is called The Planner Craze by The Scrap Gals. If you have never listened to this show, you MUST.)

How CAN people use more that one or two planners? I have seen so many beautiful planners that I would LOVE to own, but I always stop myself from buying them. Why? Well, I have two planners now and I cannot imagine for what I would use a third. I use one planner to organize my life—I record appointments, things I need to do, things I want to do, places I need to be, and little things that my family and I do during the week.

My second planner more project-oriented—I make lists of tasks I need to do related to specific areas such as around the house, in the garden, holidays, and so on.

*In the spirit of full disclosure, I do actually have a couple of Midori travel notebooks that my husband gave me. I do not use these as planners, however. I would love to try out bullet journaling in one of them!

I only have these two planners because I find it very difficult to keep information in more than one or two places. But then my life is not very segmented—I am a homeschool mom and I only work about six hours a week outside the home. If I had a full-tme job or a busy volunteer position I think I may see the need for multiple planners.

My conculsion is that some people just LOVE planners and get much joy out of setting them up and using different ones daily. I must admit that I am enjoying adding more and more embellishments to my planner! After I took the Creative Planner class at Scarlet Lime, I was hooked! And I do have an extra empty planner which I can switch with my current one so I do not get bored. Sometimes I get the urge to set up that planner (but not use it) just so I can play with more pretty things. 🙂

So what prompted this particular planner craze? I know that people have been using planners since the dawn of writing. There have been other “planner crazes” like the Franklin Covey system. Is the current craze due to the availibility of scrapbooking embellishments and their adaptability to decorating planners? Is it a need to tangibly document our lives in an ever-increasing technological world?

Which brings me to the next question: Why, in our digital world, are people going back to (or embracing) paper planners? Hundreds of digital planners can be found for your computer, tablet, or smart phone. So why paper? I know one reason—you cannot put stickers on a digital planner! As appealing as the graphics may be on a digital planner, the overall look of the program cannot be changed much. However, with a paper planner, you can add stickers, die cuts, markers, washi tape, decorative paper clips, and stamps. Your planner can be totally individualized!

Also, I have found it easier to work with lists or plans or calendars when they are written out. Even the latest mind map program or writing app cannot compete with a good pencil and nice paper. I cannot really even explain why this is so, I just know that there are times that I simply prefer writing things down.

Is planning the new scrapbooking? Scrapbooking has changed somewhat since its heyday back in the mid-2000s. We now have pocket scrapping, mixed media pages, and art journals, not to mention all the digital forms of memory keeping like Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. I do not think that planners will replace scrapbooking, but it surely is a welcome addition.

Why do I love planners so much? I have used planners since I learned to write. I have always been fascinated with lists, calendars, and notebooks. The merging of planners with scrapbooking is wonderful! I felt the same joy when I first discovered scrapbooking supplies—I was able to combine my love of photography with my obsession for all things paper.

After considering all these questions, I am still not sure exactly where planning and scrapbooking will be in the future. For now though, I am hopeful that the young planner users will continue to be memory keepers. As for me, I am just enjoying playing with pretty planner supplies!

2 thoughts on “The Planner Craze

  1. I am so very tempted by all the gorgeous and fun planners and accessories out there but so far I haven’t given in! I think I’m afraid that I’ll just start amassing planner supplies and won’t be able to keep up with it. I”m really trying to focus on using my scrapbook supplies right now. I’m a list-maker and I like to have an actual physical list, although I do sometimes use my phone to help me stay on track. Thanks for the little glimpse into your planner – it’s definitely not helping my resolve!

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