Things—they are all around us. We use a variety of things in our daily lives. Many things that we use consistently just become a part of our lives and we do not give a second thought to them!

I know that I take for granted many things—hot water, my iPhone, a warm and cozy bed—just to name a few.

This past year I took Stacy Julian’s class Inspired Scrapbooking at Big Picture Classes. Each month we explored a certain theme through our pages. One month we focused on THINGS—those tangible objects that we use every day.

For this month’s theme, we had three challenges: scrapbook a small thing, a big thing, and five things in our lives right now.

For the small thing, I scrapbooked about pumpkin—yes, the canned pumpkin found in all grocery stores, especially around the holidays. I have this irrational fear that I am going to run out of pumpkin between September and December and I will not be able to find any at the market. So I stock up as soon as fall rolls around, much to the amusement of my family.

one can never have too much pumpkin

For the big thing, I scrapped a photo of my medical bag. I recently became a volunteer EMT which was a huge accomplishment for me. I was so proud when I received my own jump bag.

the bag

My last layout documented five things that filled my life right at that moment. For me it was riding my horse Stanley, homeschooling my three children, scrapbooking, starting a new exercise program, and volunteering at the local fire department. All of these activities include many things, which I documented in my photos.

5 things right now

Most of the time, I do not focus on scrapping the things in my life. I enjoyed telling these stories right now. I know that I will love looking back on these pages and seeing the things that were important to me at this time.

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