Time After Time {June 2014 at Simple Scrapper}

Ah, time! It passes by so quickly. There are so many times I would like to hit the pause button on life and stop the minutes from slipping away. But the clock goes on ticking steadily forward. And that fact is one of the most important reasons that I scrapbook. Through my layouts I can, in a sense, freeze a moment in time.

This month at Simple Scrapper, the theme is Time After Time. What things in life are constant while time whirls by? I created two layouts using this month’s sketch/templates to answer this question.

My daughter began riding when she was five years old. Now at thirteen she is an accomplished eventer. She has been persistent in her riding, especially with her current horse Josie. Josie came to us as a four-year-old with great conformation and a good disposition. However, because she was young and inexperienced, my daughter had to work extra hard for the two of them to become competitive. Her persistence has paid off! Margaux and Josie are a great team now.


Unlike my daughter, I did not start riding until much later in life. Riding itself is a challenge and learning to ride as an adult is a more difficult task. However, I have stuck with riding over the last several years through many challenges. This layout tells my story with horses up to now.


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2 thoughts on “Time After Time {June 2014 at Simple Scrapper}

  1. you have such lovely pages. and i loved your riding story. i haven’t been on a horse in years, and have several friends that ride. lately i have been wondering if it was too late to try a ride or two. you have just inspired me to do so. thank you!

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